Advances in Space Research paper on optimal low thrust manoeuvre for formation flying is out!

Do you want to find out more on the design of low thrust manoeuvres for formation flying missions? Are you interested in new missions for remote sensing in Low Earth orbit? Check out the latest paper in Advances in Space Research by our Francesca Scala, Gabriella Gaias, Camilla Colombo and Manuel Martín-Neira. The highlights of the paper are:

  • Multiple satellite formation flying reconfiguration for remote sensing application.
  • Low thrust manoeuvres via constrained convex optimal control problem.
  • Application of the control problem to a new mission concept for remote sensing.
  • Design of reconfiguration trajectories for remote sensing payload calibration.
  • Design of formation flying transition to safe mode for non-nominal operations.

This paper is available in Open Access! You can download it here