1. COMPASS: Space For Us
    Why space is important to our daily life? The use of Space is crucial to life on Earth thanks to the services provided by space assets and the development of technologies, science and space exploration. Current and future space activities are enabled by Space transfer that allows reaching and controlling operational orbits. The interactive COMPASS apps show how many satellites are in orbit, which services do they offer and how many locations on the Earth planisphere uses services from Space.
  2. COMPASS: a 360-degree Space travel
    Space trajectories and orbits is what allow mankind benefiting of those services and technological and scientific discoveries. We can take the public though an exiting 360-degree Space trip to experience a journey in the interplanetary space, which shows many existing interplanetary missions and which gravity assist manoeuvres they performed; and a travel in Earth orbit to see how satellite constellations works and cover the whole Earth’s surface.
  3. COMPASS: Sustainable Space for smart life
    To ensure the future exploitation of Space we need to promote its sustainable use by limiting the amount of Space debris and avoiding the creation of new ones. One of the three main pillars of application of COMPASS is the mitigation of space debris. From here one of the apps allows to plan collision avoidance manoeuvres for avoiding space debris and designing interplanetary missions to defect potentially hazardous asteroids. Moreover, we take the audience to orbit around the Earth passing though the ring of artificial space debris objects that are the reminder of space missions and explosion and collision in space. This travel is truly 360 degrees thanks to Virtual Reality (VR). In occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission we also show in VR how the Apollo trajectory would be if it would fly in 2019 through the space debris ring.

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