Advances in Space Research paper on geosynchronous spacecraft re-entry is out!

Can we exploit lunisolar perturbations to re-enter geosynchronous satellites? Can we predict their re-entry and assess the risk they pose to people and properties on ground? Check out the latest paper in Advances in Space Research by our Mirko Trisolini and Camilla Colombo. The highlights of the paper are:

  • Disposal and demise analysis of geosynchronous satellites exploiting luni-solar perturbations
  • Interface long-term propagation and re-entry analysis via overshoot boundary
  • Predicted re-entry conditions show predominance of high eccentricity orbits
  • Multiple low-atmosphere passages may cause unwanted early break-ups
  • Design-for-demise should be considered for typical geosynchronous spacecraft  to limit casualty risk

This paper is available in Open Access! You can download it here