Francesca Scala’ PhD Defence

Francesca Scala successfully defended her PhD thesis “Multiple satellites formation flying for earth observation applications in low Earth orbit” at Politecnico di Milano, to be awarded the doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Marco Nugnes’ PhD Defence

Marco Nugnes successfully defended hid PhD thesis “Design of low-thrust trajectories through differential dynamic programming enhancing the effects of orbital perturbations” at Politecnico di Milano, to be awarded the degree of Doctor.

PoliMi at Looking Beyond

COMPASS Group, within Politecnico di Milano, participated to the opening ceremony of the exhibition ‘Looking Beyond’, in Milan on the 27th February. Resulting from the collaboration of IAF, AIDAA, ASI, Telespazio and MAECI, the exposition promotes the 75th IAC, that will be held in Milan in 2024.