When science meets art: A Salient Earth

The sustainability of the space environment is one of the main research topics of our research group. Our recent publications are focused in developing methods, from post-mission disposal strategies to collision avoidance manoeuvres, that will ensure the safe use of space for the generations to come. Moreover, we always try to disseminate our work and reach out to the general public. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that there exists a piece of art inspired by one of publications. A Salient Earth is an art project by Sarah Ceravolo that uses one of the colormaps published in a recent publication by Camilla Colombo and Ioannis Gkolias. Sarah is the founder of Convolo Design, a brand committed to exploring the potential in the relationship between technology and design. The project was a response to the Life and Death exhibition as part of National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Design Week, 2020. And as Sarah mentions: “It is in this circumstance that we can pollute the earth and now its orbit ­­– does life only bring death or do we in life create it?”