Visit the COMPASS stand at the Open Day of the European Institutions this Saturday in Brussels

Screenshot of the COMPASS VR experience

The annual Open Day of the European Institutions is a unique opportunity to learn about what the European Union does for its citizens. This year, the COMPASS project will take part in the event at the ERC headquarters in Brussels.

The COMPASS team will join other Horizon 2020 projects with a stand at the Berlaymont building, home to the European Commission and the European Research Council. We will offer visitors different interactive experiences to explore space and its different applications for our daily life. They can embark on a 3D virtual reality journey to observe Earth-orbiting satellites moving among space debris, or join our experienced staff to learn about the daily services provided by satellites and travel through our solar system

Screenshot of the services module of the COMPASS game

If you happen to be in the Brussels area this Saturday, don’t forget to pass by our stand. And you can also keep yourself in the loop through Twitter with the hashtag #EUopenday.