NASA SpaceApps in Milan

NASA Space Apps 2018 in Milan

The 2018 NASA SpaceApps Challenge in Milano was a great success! A total of 171 participants worked for almost 48 straight hours to produce some outstanding projects and ideas. The high level of the projects made the task of the jury very difficult. After the deliberation they decided that the winner teams were

  1. The Inflatables, with the project “Inflatable Selfie Stick“, got the first prize.
  2. AirHive, with the project “Generate high resolution air pollution data to understand how to pollute less“, got the second prize.
  3. SpacePlanners, with the project “S2S – Space to Shelter“, got the third prize.

We want to thank all the participants, volunteers and sponsors that made this event possible. We hope to see you in further events!

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