Willer Gomes dos Santos delivers a seminar about the small satellite projects of the ITA Space Center

Prof. Willer Gomes dos Santos, from the Space Center (CEI) of the Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA), delivered a seminar this Monday, 17 February 2020, at PoliMi’s Department of Aerospace Science and Technology. In the seminar, he gave an overview of the present and future small satellite projects of the CEI.

CEI is a comprehensive space engineering teaching facility for the design, development, assembly, integration, testing and operation of small satellites, enabling the students to participate in all phases of the mission. Prof. Willer presented four present and future small satellites projects undertaken by CEI: ITASAT-1, ITASAT-2, SPORT, and RUNNER. In addition to these space missions, he also introduced the laboratories and facilities of CEI and gave an overview of the academic works developed by their students in several areas (such as orbital mechanics, guidance, navigation and control systems, space systems engineering, structures, and mechanisms).

We thank Prof. Willer for his seminar and hope to meet him again soon.