ESA’s Guidance, Navigation and Control conference is finally here!

The COVID-19 pandemics has upset plans all over the board for more than a year now. The European Space Agency’s conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control systems is a perfect example: originally scheduled to take place in Poland one year ago, it had to be rescheduled and ultimately moved to a virtual format. But this will not stop us from pushing space technology forward! ESA GNC is being held this week in combination with the 8th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques, and COMPASS researchers are joining both events to present our latest advances.

Our representative at ESA GNC is Juan Luis Gonzalo, presenting a work together with Camilla Colombo on lightweight algorithms for collision avoidance. This contribution focuses on the development of very efficient mathematical models for collision avoidance manoeuvres by spacecraft with low, continuous thrusting capabilities, such as those equipped with electric thrusters or sails. The remarkable efficiency of these models makes them good candidates for on-board applications, including autonomous capabilities.

You can check the recorded video-presentation at out YouTube channel: