COMPASS Team at 33rd AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting in Austin, TX

Last week the COMPASS group took part of the 33rd AAS/AIAA Space Flight Meeting in Austin, Texas with two technical contributions.

Giacomo, Ph.D. Candidate, presented a paper entitled: “Safety in forced motion guidance for proximity operations based on relative orbital elements”, coauthored by Gabriella Gaias and Camilla Colombo.

The work focuses on novel formulations to improve the safety feature of trajectory design during close proximity operations. The introduced formulations are included in an efficient guidance scheme to enable robust autonomous operations in proximity.

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Lorenzo, Ph.D. Candidate, presented a paper entitled: “Space debris density propagation through a finite volume method”, Co-authored by Prof. Camilla Colombo.

The paper describes a novel approach to propagate a space debris density distribution, through the application of the finite volume method to the continuity, which is analytically integrated over a control volume. The method proved high accuracy and computational efficiency in the modelling of a fragmentation in low-Earth orbit.

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