COMPASS at the New Trends in Celestial Mechanics (NTCM) Conference

The COMPASS team participated in the Conference New Trends in Celestial Mechanics (NCTM). It was held in Cogne, Valle d’Aosta (Italy), from 24 to 28 June 2019. There was a special session on applied problems, and the COMPASS team was invited to give a talk on the current work within the group. The meeting was organized and funded by the 2013 ERC grant COMPAT (PI Susana Terracini), together with the Dipartimento di Matematica Giuseppe Peano, Università di Torino and Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”.

The NTCM conference was a gathering of experts in Celestial Mechanics where the most recent results on the field were presented. The topics that were discussed revolved around classical problems, such as dynamics, special orbits and integrability of the N-body problem, and orbit determination problems. The program, speakers and further material can be found in the webpage of the conference.

Our teammate Narcís Miguel attended on behalf of COMPASS, and he gave a talk about the current problems we are dealing with within the group, with emphasis on the new results on attitude stability of non-conventionally shaped solar sails.