Cristina Erbeia at 2023 Pegasus Student Conference in Rome

The 15th of April, Cristina Erbeia presented her thesis work at the Pegasus Student Conference in Rome. She gave a contributed talk entitled ‘Modelling and control of interferometry formation Flying mission in LEO’, based on the work developed for her master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Camilla Colombo and Francesca Scala. Her work focuses on the payload modelling and control of three satellites flying in formation, named FFLAS, for earth Observation applications. Her contribution presents a sensitivity analysis on the spacecraft’s relative position error, considering the spacecraft under the perturbing effects of the Earth’s oblateness and the atmospheric drag. The controller, based on a proportional-integral-derivative plant, has been implemented for keeping the relative position with an error less or equal to 10 cm. The work focalises therefore on the link between the modelling of a distributed payload and the control of the relative motion of these satellites and serves as a preliminary evaluation for analysing and improving the performances of the formation.