COMPASS at the 7th CELMEC and the 1st SDSM summer school

The COMPASS group participated in the 1st Satellite Dynamics and Space Missions summer school and the 7th International Meeting on Celestial Mechanics, that took place in San Martino al Cimino, in Viterbo, Italy.

The SDSM summer school was devoted on the theory and applications of Celestial Mechanics to space mission design. Young scientists not only had the opportunity to follow interesting lectures by senior researchers, but also to present their own work and get valuable feedback.  All the presentations by the COMPASS team PhD students following the school are available online:

Davide Menzio: Flyby design in the circular-restricted three body problem

Stefan Frey: Density-based method for the evolution of a cloud of fragments in elliptical orbit

Matteo Romano: Planetary protection analysis for interplanetary missions

The SDSM school was the perfect lead to the 7th International Meeting on Celestial Mechanics which followed the week after. Experts from all over the world discussed the latest developments in the field of Celestial Mechanics. The link of classical theories describing the motion of celestial bodies with modern astrodynamical applications was one of the main directions of the conference, to which our Camilla Colombo and Ioannis Gkolias contributed with their talks, also available online:

Camilla Colombo: Orbit manoeuvring enhancing natural perturbations

Ioannis Gkolias: Exploiting the dynamics near GEO for optimal end-of-life disposal manoeuvres