Stefan Frey

In late 2014, I obtained my MSc in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich. I then joined the Space Debris Office of the European Space Agency as a scientific assistant for two years, where I analysed and reported the adherence of all space actors towards the space debris mitigation guidelines. Particularly, I observed the post mission disposal rate and analysed its effect on the number of collisions in the low Earth and Geostationary Orbits. I also participated in concurrent design studies with industrial partners building demisable structures to minimise the risk on ground from re-entering spacecraft.
Beginning of 2017 I started my PhD at the Politecnico di Milano on space debris evolution modelling as part of the COMPASS project. My current work consists of the extension of a continuum-based fragment propagation model into all Earth bound orbital regimes, statistical estimation of the collision risk from such a cloud on current and future space missions, and identification of parent objects and orbits from fragments with unknown origin stemming from break-up events potentially years in the past.

Current research within COMPASS

  • Space debris modelling
  • Statistical collision probability
  • Fragment parent object identification
  • Averaged orbit propagation

Other research

  • ASI EUSST Fragmentation Services