Chinese Teenager Popular Science Seminar

On behalf of the COMPASS team, Simeng Huang and Lincheng Li gave a popular science seminar titled “An Overview of Space Missions” to the Chinese teenagers living in Milan, aiming to stimulate their interest in space exploration.

The seminar revolved around three topics: introduction to space, what does space bring to our society, and space situation awareness. The interactive video games, developed within the COMPASS group, turned out to be a captivating experience for our young friends, who showed great interest in learning about space and its applications.

At the end of the seminar, to raise the children’s attention about space environmental protection, Simeng gave a brief introduction to the work within the COMPASS group, ranging from spacecraft deployment to end-of-life disposal, and explained the role of the COMPASS group – ensuring space sustainability!

The seminar was prepared with the help of Camilla Colombo and Gabriella Gaias.