Martina Rusconi

After working as a researcher on the topics of modelling and simulation of satellites orbital and attitude dynamics and leveraging on my studies as a MSc-level Space Engineer and BSc-level Aerospace Engineer, I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano, as part of the COMPASS group. Aim of my Ph.D. research is to provide scientific support to the definition of efficient remediation strategies for the long-term debris problem. This will be obtained combining a predictive model of the debris cloud’s density and a robust feedback controller acting on the complex system.

Current research within COMPASS

  • Development of a robust control tool for complex systems, adapting techniques from climate control and resources management to the space debris problem.
  • Controller application to in-house developed predictive models of the debris density in space, with increasing level of complexity and accuracy, including all the main source and sink terms. The controller will mimic real remediation techniques acting on the environment.
  • Provide scientific support to the definition of an efficient remediation strategy for the long-term debris problem.

Other research

  • Robust control of complex systems with application to density-based evolutionary models of the space debris population.
  • Mission experiment design and analyses for testing of a novel engine technology in space.