Eduardo Maria Polli

I am a PhD candidate at Politecnico di Milano, working on several topics such as fast in-orbit reactions, rockets optimal trajecotry, collision avoidance manoeuvres and re-entry predictions. Prior to becoming a PhD candidate I worked at the Centro di Ateneo di Studi e Attività Spaziali “Giuseppe Colombo” (CISAS) on a fragmentation model for hypervelocity impacts over composite materials.

In my master thesis I investigated the topics of space sustainability and collision probability, specifically related to the presence of large satellite constellations.

Current research within COMPASS

  • Efficient rocket trajectory via optimal control design.
  • Fast in-orbit reactions.
  • Collision Avoidance Manoeuvres (CAM)

Other research

  • Space sustainability analytical model.
  • Satellite constellations.
  • Effects of geopotential harmonics in GEO orbital regime.