Mathilda Bolis

I am a Ph.D. candidate within the COMPASS group at Politecnico di Milano since December 2023. My PhD focuses on end-of-life disposal design for missions in the cislunar space. This includes topics such as chaotic dynamical systems, spacecraft disposal, deep-space astrodynamics, and space situational awareness.

I received my master’s degree in Space Engineering in 2022, with a thesis focused on continuation methods applied to low-thrust indirect optimal control problems for trajectory optimization. From April to December 2023, I worked as a Junior Research Fellow, within the COMPASS group, under the supervision of Professor Camilla Colombo. My research focused on deep-space trajectory design in multibody dynamical systems. In addition, I worked on the mission design of the REMEC satellite, which aims to reach a Halo orbit in Sun-Earth L2 to study energetic cosmic rays.

Current research within COMPASS

  • Disposal at end-of-life for spacecraft in cislunar space
  • Dynamics and stability of orbits in cislunar space
  • Deep space trajectory design

Other research

  • Contribution to mission analysis design for a deep space mission, REMEC: development of an orbit raising strategy for a spacecraft with limited on-board thrust, dynamical system refinement.
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